A few years back.

Incorporated in 2002, arrowUp is a company which is trailblazing its technology, more specifically in the lucrative, embryo market of electronic personal identification. To make that happen, the company deploys user-friendly and easily integrated software components.



Some information.

arrowUp uses advanced technology to develop its software. As a result, itís able to turn out high-performance systems. The staff possess a wide range of skills and expertise. For example, they have built up a strong knowledge base in the fields of eID (Electronic Identity) and SIS (Social Information System) cards. In addition arrowUp has progressively specialized in hard- and software for bank- and loyalty cards.

Big-name players like Cardfon, Prodata, EDS and Xtenso have successfully integrated different components of arrowUp technology into their products. In doing that, they are benefiting from the client-centric solutions that the company provides.

A manifest, clear example of this? Well, arrowUp developed ticketing software in close cooperation with TeleTicketService. And, since 2003, that last-mentioned company has been using the software for the sale of football tickets for the Belgian Professional Football League (LBV) and for the sale of concert tickets. Millions of tickets have already been purchased, via this system, by satisfied customers (music lovers and soccer fans).