Partners of arrowUp


Since its inception in 1998 Technovisie has provided its clients with the latest technological networking solutions and support, enabling companies to work more efficiently and effectively.


Technovisie combines a wide variety of best-of-breed hardware and software solutions with extensive knowledge of all aspects of networking. It focuses on medium-sized and large businesses looking for an experienced partner capable of handling all their IT needs.


HID Global is the trusted leader in providing access control and

secure identity solutions, including secure card issuance,

RFID technology, eGovernment and two factor authentication.


Advanced Encryption Technology (A.E.T.) B.V. is a Dutch software firm that delivers solutions for e-commerce and data security. These solutions are based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.
A.E.T. is the project partner of arrowUp in the development of eID SafeSign Client. This is a middleware layer which facilitates the authentication of a digital signature based on a personís Belgian electronic ID card.

CCV Belgium

CCV's core business centres on electronic payment traffic within Europe. They operate internationally, with there headquarters in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and branches in Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland.
They are among the largest payment terminal providers in Europe. They also specialize in processing transactions, online authorization of payment and loyalty card transactions, and the development and management of loyalty and customer card systems. 

ARAS Security

ARAS Security was founded in September 2004 as the latest addition to the ARAS Security Group with the aim of providing reliable access control and CCTV systems installers.

With offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and England, the ARAS Group is part of a select group of specialist distributors with a comprehensive technical support service and experienced consultants.

As partner in the arrowUp S-Pass solution, ARAS Security is responsible for the physical access control.