Tele Ticket Service

Tele Ticket Service nv ensures the ticket reservations and ticket sales for a multitude of events, organized by third parties or, sometimes, their own productions. The company does this not only over the phone but also online, over the Internet.
They are also your man for the leasing of Web addresses and for sending out mailshots. arrowUp developed a Web server; this is coupled to the ‘Ticket Engine’ (developed by GVa) via J2EE technology.

From that moment on, visitors to the site were able to order event tickets (or book seats) online 24/7 for forthcoming events at the Sports Palace in Antwerp. At a later stage arrowUp adapted the website of so that the booking form, itself, could automatically read off the eID data of each customer.


Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf is a world-class supplier of IT solutions. The company provides hard- and software, consultancy, system maintenance and other IT services relating to business or industrial processes. It does this for retailers and banking institutions that possess a wide network of offices. The object being to improve cost-effectiveness, reduce the complexity and to improve the level of service to the end consumer.

As a subcontractor to Wincor-Nixdorf, arrowUp provides aftersales support for the equipment and systems at the Q8 petrol stations and the PayPoint terminals of Delhaize.