Consultancy & Analysis


arrowUp listens carefully to you, the customer; inventories your existing IT environment, in an overseeable format, for future reference; analyzes your needs and/or wants; and steers you towards a cost-effective solution.
e.g. Analysis of the brand-new website, by order of Tele Ticket Service


Customized developing

Experienced product developers at arrowUp deliver tailored software, to meet:

  • your company’s future needs and
  • the present requirements of your IT environment

e.g. Integration of be.PayDesk SDK into cash register software (POS) for GOCA, by order of Prodata Systems



arrowUp quickly installs your software and/or terminals, seamlessly integrates these into your IT environment and ensures that they’re ready to use in next to no time.
e.g. Installation of the ‘eID Registration’ software package at FedICT and at the National Register of Natural Persons,
e.g. installation of hard- and loyalty software 'Delhaize Plus Points' (Delhaize, Q8, FRS) , by order of Wincor-Nixdorf



arrowUp ensures the periodic servicing of terminals, gives 24/7 support and updates the installed software.
e.g. Maintenance of the hard- and software of the ‘Delhaize Plus Points’ system (Delhaize, Q8, FRS) by order of Wincor-Nixdorf

If you would like a system analysis/programming, or opt instead for installation of a system and/or technical support, we’d be glad to help.
Contact us, without any obligation on your part.