My reader keeps returning error messages even though I've downloaded the latest driver.


After downloading the driver from the HID website, you need to run the downloaded setup. This will unpack the driver, but will not connect the driver to your hardware automatically. You need to go to the Device manager and update the driver manually there. This is explained in the following images: step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4





My reader reads new eID cards and SIS-cards, but has a problem with older eID cards.

Solution: Download the latest driver here






My Windows7 64bit reads several eID cards, but suddenly returns errors.

Solution: Download the latest driver here





No smartcards can be read on my HP laptop

Solution:HP installs a component on some laptops that no longer allows you to read smartcards.

The problem lies in a component: Active Client, which is hidden from the Add / Remove Programs dialog box.To remove this component:
- Open regedit
- Go to \\HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
- Look for the key ActivClient. (Normally begins with AC1 ...)
- This key has a value "UninstallString '
- Paste this value in the dialog "Run", press enter
- Restart the PC. 





Windows7 always tells me it is trying to install hardware whenever a card is inserted in the reader. 

Solution: You can prevent this by disabling a service in the registry.
By downloading the tool below you can disable this service.
Download the setup and run it.
Then go to Start - All Programms - arrowUp - disable SC PnP service.
After rebooting, the service is disabled.

Click here to download





My card reader does not read SIS cards, but it does read eID cards. (with medical software)

Solution: The driver of your card reader might not be installed correctly. Click here for more information on the installation of the card reader or on how to check whether the driver has been installed correctly or not.





After installing the government middleware my card reader does no longer read eID and/or SIS cards.

Solution: Disable the government eID Privacy Firewall. This service lets no software, except for the middleware, read the cards entered into the card reader.
Click here to find out how to disable this service.



I want to install my card reader on MAC

With 1.0.4 Tiger you might encounter a problem during the driver installation.
We learned the following from Omnikey:
Question:  I am trying to install USB reader 3121 on my Mac Intel computer using the installer from the omnikey website. I'm using Mac OSX10.4.9. When using Terminal, the PCSCTEST command did not find an yreader connected.
Answer: Please try the following: open a Terminal and become Root User.
Delete the libusb files from the usr/local/lib directory (this will normally be reinstalled during driver installation.) using: rm/usr/local/lib/libusb*
Start the driver installation.
The reader should be working now.